Jessica Lea-
Chinese Oil trice Wolfe, in Asian Survey (June 1976), University of California Press, Berkeley, Calif. 94720.
China's fast-growing petroleum industry-315 million barrels produced in 1972, increasing 20-25 percent annually-has attracted attention in the West especially since the 1973-74 energy crisis. Most specialists look at China's oil exports potential. But it is more valuable to observe Maoist principles of economic development, argues Jessica Leatrice Wolfe, a graduate student...

1962, Nkrumah had gone on the political defensive. He re- versed his nationalist policies and deliberately fostered ethnic differ- ences in the military and elsewhere to divide his political foes. Grad- ually, tribalism revived. In the Army's 1966 anti-Nkrumah coup, the original plotters, all Ewes, added an Ashanti, a Ga, and a Fante only at the last moment. Nkrumah's last ditch supporters were almost all northerners, whom he had favored with top army and police posts, or members of Nkrumah's own...

Had-Rethinking the ley Arkes, in Commentary (May 1976), 'Inevitable" 165 E. 56th st., New York, N.Y. 10022.
Opening the governments of Italy and France to indigenous Communist participation would seem to be an idea "whose time has come." Yet what is the commitment of those parties to the principles of parlia- mentary democracy? Arkes, a professor of political science at Amherst, says the evidence indicates that their commitment is "rooted in noth- ing more substantial than a...

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