Sixty-five years ago, the federal school lunch program was created to make American schoolchildren healthier. Today, it’s helping to make them fatter. Will a new law change the diets of millions of kids raised on French fries and chicken nuggets?


Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez has set alarms ringing with his efforts to create a global anti-American coalition.

The study of ancient Greek and Latin long ago vanished from most American classrooms, and with it has gone a special understanding of the values and virtues prized by Western civilization.


New York City’s garment district illustrates that manufacturing can still be vital to the innovation that cities foster.


Americans like their cities spacious. Will concerns
about costs and the environment push them to rein
in sprawl?


How can you be called an urban pioneer when you move to an inner-city neighborhood where families have lived for generations?

Many cities launched revival efforts with downtown festival marketplaces such as Boston’s Faneuil Hall. Can retailers work the same magic in less affluent neighborhoods?

When felony defendants jump bail, bounty hunters spring into action. It’s a uniquely American system, and it works.

The old divide between hard and soft strategies is breaking down under a wave of new thinking about how to control crime.


In embracing a victims-and-villains explanation of the recession, Americans are missing important lessons about the future of the U.S. economy.