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Protestors in Brazil face off against police. (Fernando H. C. Oliveira / Flickr)
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Voters say they prefer clean politicians even if they’re incompetent. Why don’t they vote that way?

Nature vs nature? Take a look at your ballot. (Duncan Hull / Flickr)

Ideologues on both sides pick and choose from genetic science to support their views.

When an eloquent Anglican clergyman gave the first prayer at the First Continental Congress in 1774, one member wrote that “even Quakers shed tears.” But the Founders were a religiously diverse lot, and some honored conventional religion more in public than in private. (Granger Archive)
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Even for nonbelievers, religion has its uses.

British and Gurkha troops attack Afghan troops in this painting of the Battle of Kandahar, which ended the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

To convince the world you’ve prevailed in battle, sometimes you have to get creative.

A former child soldier that had been abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. (Liz St. Jean Photography)
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Many unwilling soldiers bond with their new comrades through ugly means.

Everyone celebrates their country in a different way--here, some U.S. sailors practice unfurling a flag before a baseball game. (U.S. Navy)
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An ancient force is back, and it’s causing trouble worldwide.

A female soldier in the Israeli Defense Force, where many women already serve in combat roles. (IDF)
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Women won’t just succeed in combat roles, they’ll excel.

Would you give this man a nuclear weapon? Even the closest allies of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah would have good reason not to trust such a terrorist with so much power. (Newscom)
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Even the most evil regime would not hand nukes over to terrorists.

The Chinese government is tolerating violent protests over medical malpractice—for now.

Add a meth epidemic to North Korea’s long list of ills.