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military revolts and internal disorder within a nuclear-armed country.
One dilemma is the extent to which our own sophisticated safe- guards against accidental or unauthorized detonation should be shared with countries not bound the Non-Proliferation Treaty. While the United States may not wish to reward these nations by offering them advanced technology to guard against misuse, some of the most effec- tive American safeguards involve electronic locking devices and other design features which render...

Changing Medium" Judith Goldman, in Art News (Summer 1976), 121 Garden St., Marion, Ohio 43302. The 1960s saw a revival and proliferation of print-making and selling, which is now big business. Lavish ads in the mass media lure buyers into paying large sums for "original" prints which may be reproduc- tions of little value. Sets of six "authentic lithographs" by Renior were recently advertised and sold by mail for $2,250 per set. In fact, they were reproductions of Renior...

The Debtor's Countryman, in The Nation (Sept. 4,
Dilemma 1976), 333 Sixth Ave., New York, N.Y.
The Federal Bankruptcy Act falls far short of giving the debtor the
"fresh start" the Supreme Court said was one of the law's primary
purposes, writes Countryman, professor of law at Harvard. It's like
"applying a Band-Aid to a gaping wound."
Originally passed Congress in 1898, the Act was last revised sig-
nificantly in 1938 and still reflects the attitudes and...