No country for men: Umoja, an all-female village in northern Kenya

Julia Higgins

The women of Umoja come from separate Samburu villages scattered across Kenya’s Rift Valley, yet they all share one feature: they are the victims of abuse, rape, forced marriages, and fled their male-dominated communities in favor of a female utopia.

Transparent solar panels could be a game-changer for renewable energy

Stephanie Lu

In the idyllic image of the American home, transparent solar panels may soon be as ubiquitous as the proverbial white-picket fence.

Unwelcome: Why is cosmopolitan Italy so anti-immigrant?

Carlo Massimo

A wilting economy and a bleak future are hardly conducive to hospitality for refugees and immigrants.

Drug cartels turn to a new source of income: exotic animals

Julia Higgins

With international law enforcement cracking down on narcotics and arms smuggling, cartels have turned their focus to a less dangerous venture, trafficking in illegal wildlife.