The unintended consequences of the EU’s aid to Eritrea

Isabel Larroca

In an attempt to halt mass migration, the EU is failing to address serious human rights violations.

The Disappearing Act of the World’s Most Valuable Art

Nicole Orttung

Sold to anonymous bidders and quiet buyers, classical masterpieces often go into hiding for years at a time. The art market has been operating with minimal transparency or oversight for years – dragging treasured artwork from the spotlight to the shadows.

Surrounded by war, can Jordan’s tourism industry survive?

Maya Wesby

Tensions and bloodshed in the Middle East have scared away scores of tourists from Jordan’s safe borders. What does this mean for the nation’s tourism-dependent economy, and how will it recover, if it can?

Science’s under-discussed problem with confirmation bias

Molly Banta

Confirmation bias in the media is rampant and recognized. Why don't we acknowledge that peer-reviewed scientific papers are subject to the same human manipulations?