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Steven Lagerfeld

A new era for the WQ online

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“Redesigned” is not a strong enough word to characterize the new WQ Web site. We have taken a green shoot from the print magazine with the idea that we will grow something new and different on the Web--but not so different that we burden you with more of the opinion-mongering and cute tidbits that are so common online. Here, as in print, the WQ’s editors will seek out ideas and research from often obscure corners of the intellectual world and bring them into the public conversation. Our new blog gives us the opportunity to take a spacious view of our core mission. So in addition to essays and reviews from the ink-and-paper WQ you will find here interviews with authors, follow-ups on pieces that have appeared in the magazine, and Web-only notes by the editors on books and ideas. Also on tap are historical videos, podcasts, and exclusive Web essays, a feature we inaugurate with an article by the eminent historian David Landes. Have a look around, and help us grow the new site by letting us know what you think.