Guardian of the dispossessed: an economic dissident in modern India

J. Zach Hollo

As India thrives and convulses in its embrace of capitalism, one labor organizer sees himself as the last line of defense for the working class and those being left behind as the country develops.

What we lost in Palmyra

Heidi Stalla

The destruction of Palmyra by ISIS is horrific. Behind the visible, what is the real thing that we mourn?

Coming to America and Coming of Age

Asthaa Chaturvedi & Jenny Luna

Nelson escaped gang violence in Honduras and crossed the border illegally. The 19-year-old now faces a new country, high school, and immigration court, while New York City grapples with the legal proceedings of the thousands of unaccompanied Central American immigrant youths like him.

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No country for men: Umoja, an all-female village in northern Kenya

Julia Higgins

The women of Umoja come from separate Samburu villages scattered across Kenya’s Rift Valley, yet they all share one feature: they are the victims of abuse, rape, forced marriages, and fled their male-dominated communities in favor of a female utopia.

Transparent solar panels could be a game-changer for renewable energy

Stephanie Lu

In the idyllic image of the American home, transparent solar panels may soon be as ubiquitous as the proverbial white-picket fence.

Unwelcome: Why is cosmopolitan Italy so anti-immigrant?

Carlo Massimo

A wilting economy and a bleak future are hardly conducive to hospitality for refugees and immigrants.

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