Does the World Need the Idea of “Bad” Germans?

Peter Gumbel

Since World War Two, guilt and shame have defined Germany's international role. Why does the world still cling to the idea of "bad" Germans?

Love/Hate: New York, Race, and 1989

Garrett McGrath

Three events defined 1989 in NYC: the Central Park jogger attack, the murder of Yusef Hawkins, and the election of the city's first (and only) black mayor.

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A guilty man pleads for redemption after Apartheid. Is he sincere?

Erin Amato

A notorious South African police leader wants to wash the feet of a black man he once tried to kill. Is he trying to wash his hands in the process?

Can the U.S. open up North Korea by accepting it the way it is?

Marlene Uribe

Opening the door for long-term change could require the U.S. to hold its nose.

How poverty stunts a growing brain

Erin Amato

If poverty literally changes the structure of the brain, how can impoverished kids ever catch up to their peers?

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