Nowhere to Turn: a Nepali Cab Driver in Qatar

J. Zach Hollo & Xiran Liu

Sarun, a cab driver in Qatar, had not been paid in nearly four months. His family back home in Nepal desperately needed the money. He hadn't been home in two years, and his boss controlled his passport. All Sarun could do was wait.

Future Wars: Reshaping the Ethics and Norms of War

Nayef Al-Rodhan

Technology's forward march will require us to reconsider and even rewrite the rules of war.

How We Created the WTO: A Memoir

John Schmidt

A personal account of how the largest and most important trade agreement in world history finally got done.

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Hungary’s slide into authoritarianism, and Europe’s toothless response

Nicole Orttung

As Hungary’s leader stamps out democratic freedoms, the EU searches for the tools to respond. Can a dictatorship be born in the EU?

A China-backed Panama Canal… in Nicaragua?

Carlo Massimo

A former revolutionary and a Chinese billionaire have teamed up to build a second Panama Canal, this time in Nicaragua. Like the first one, it’s a colonial venture.

The Rise of Siberian Nationalism

Elizabeth Peet

What explains the resurgence in Siberian regionalism in recent years, and what does it mean for Putin’s Russia?

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