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The Wilson Quarterly welcomes submissions in all subject areas covered by the magazine. We publish original reporting, provocative analysis, and unique opinions on the issues that shape our world.

General advice: Avoid clich├ęs, talking points, stream-of-consciousness rants, and open letters. Don't bore. Be ambitious. Tell us something we didn't know, or try to make us see something we thought we knew from a new or different perspective.

We like content that is ambitious, intelligent, and thought-provoking - whether a profile of an influential idea or leader, new ideas and data challenging the conventional beltway wisdom, a long read on an emerging trend in American life, a look back at a forgotten historical moment, a relevant or interesting new book excerpt, or a feature on the human implications of policy and politics. All submissions should be exclusive and grounded in fact.

As a digital outlet, WQ is open to submissions of all content types - from short documentaries to data visualizations - not just written works.

Please email your submission to wq@wilsoncenter.org. We make an effort to reply to all submissions.