The Making of the Modern, Muddled, Middle East

David Schoenbaum

Why and how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more equal than all the others.

Pity the Poor, Unloved Elite

Adam Rosen

“Elite” is the laziest slur in the book. Yet, on both the left and right, “elites” — however we define them — are getting whupped.

Secondhand Stories in a Rusting Steel City

Robyn K. Coggins

“Take what’s in front of you, not what it was or could be. And do what you can with it.”

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How corporations helped stop the Ebola crisis

Nicole Panoc

Ebola reached an epidemic-level crisis because of government instability. It became manageable thanks to outside institutions.

In war, how much environmental destruction is too much?

Nicole Panoc

Environmental devastation has been a consequence of war since time immemorial. Can we draw a line between necessary and gratuitous destruction? Where?

Is cultural repatriation just knee-jerk cultural nationalism?

Eric Nong

Should an Egyptian artifact be in a British museum? That question merits a broader conversation: does our cultural heritage belong to a people, a place, or the world?

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