Future Wars: Reshaping the Ethics and Norms of War

Nayef Al-Rodhan

Technology's forward march will require us to reconsider and even rewrite the rules of war.

How We Created the WTO: A Memoir

John Schmidt

A personal account of how the largest and most important trade agreement in world history finally got done.

The Nation-State: Not Dead Yet

Alasdair Roberts

In the mid-1990s, many academics declared an end to the nation-state. Twenty years later, the influence of the state over daily life is more extensive than ever.

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Every joke is a tiny revolution

Molly Banta

Political comedy is used to persuade and bond likeminded groups together, while publicly ridicule the outsiders — that's true whether you're Jon Stewart or ISIS.

The tragic confusion of adoption from the Marshall Islands

Elizabeth Peet

For Marshall Islanders in the United States, cultural misunderstandings have curdled into exploitation, raising difficult questions about America’s immigration and integration policies.

For poor women, barriers to birth control access could soon get worse

Miriam Kelberg

As Congress considers a budget that would cut funding for family planning, it’s worth remembering the difficulties that many women face in accessing contraceptives — and why that access is so important.

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