Four Decades of Classic Essays

As we move to a new format, some of the classic essays we have published.

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The Genteel Republic

Richard L. Bushman

Creating and sustaining mutual trust was an important public commitment of America’s early years—one that we seem increasingly unable to make.

A less-than-splendid little war

Andrew J. Bacevich

How you should actually think about the Persian Gulf War.

Save the Nukes!

The Wilson Quarterly

America’s nuclear arsenal isn’t dangerous. Getting rid of it might be.

Liberals & conservatives share the same enemy: byzantine government

The Wilson Quarterly

Both sides want to get rid of Rube Goldberg government.

We should stop ignoring the moral implications of markets

The Wilson Quarterly

Markets have moral limits, and we should talk about them.

Art imitates art: the rise of film mirrored that of the novel

The Wilson Quarterly

Novels, like movies, weren't always a medium for serious, creative expression.

Touring Auschwitz as a Survivor

The Wilson Quarterly

Some Holocaust survivors have returned to the concentration camps, this time as visitors.

How likely is it that today’s kids will ever move out?

The Wilson Quarterly

Turns out you can go home again.

The fine line between public intellectual and Silicon Valley huckster

The Wilson Quarterly

Our newest public intellectuals are little more than cynical, polished speakers on the Silicon Valley circuit.

Why did Israel fail to anticipate the Yom Kippur War?

The Wilson Quarterly

After the war, citizens and politicians alike were left wondering, what happened?

A History of the Past: Life Reeked With Joy

Anders Henriksson

A brief history of Europe as told through the peculiar observations from college students' papers.

A world on the edge

Amy Chua

Exploring the ties between market democracy and the dangerous escalation of ethnic tensions around the world.